and your AdWords © campaigns.

Google AdWords © is an advertising program that allows you to concentrate on your business rather than on advertising.

Simply create the ads, set a spending limit and let AdWords © bring you new customers all time long, night and day, weekdays and holidays, 365 days a year.

It will suffice to follow the six simple steps reported in what follows for having all the amazing power of Google AdWords © at your service.

Step 1: Log in or Sign up

Jump to and log in to your AdWords account © or create a new account by following the instructions provided.

Step 2: Starting a new campaign

log in to AdWords, click the "Campaign Management" tab and then on the link "New online campaign". You'll see a dropdown menu with the options "Start with the keywords", "Start with placements" or "Help me to choose." Click "Start with placements".

Give a name to the campaign which will help you in the future to remember what campaign is that one (example: Campaign on INDETTAGLIO.IT) and give a name to the ad group (example: Ads placed on INDETTAGLIO.IT).

If your site is in English and is intended for an English speaking public do not need to change other things this page: click on "Continue"

Step 3: Create an ad

You will find on the page "Create an ad". Here is created the text of your ad, perfectly focused on your company and your needs, because it's you that create it by yourself. The announcement created is analyzed and if it complies with the rules of AdWords it is accepted and you can click on "Continue."

Step 4: Place the ad on INDETTAGLIO.IT

You are now on the page "Start a new campaign with placements". Please click "List URLs" and in the box that opens enter all sites in the circuit you want to use. By writing just all the sites of the circuit INDETTAGLIO.IT will be chosen.

Click on "View available placements": selected sites appear on the right of the page, next to the box where you entered them in a box called "Selected Placements" Click on "Continue" in this box.

Step 5: Choose between CPC and CPM

You reach the page: "Choose a method for determining the price" where you can choose between CPM and CPC according to your preferences, as well explained in the page itself. If you have created a text ad you choose CPC, which is the most common choice, you will be charged only if the ad is clicked, and then a user reaches your site.

Step 6: Daily budget and max CPC.

We are at the final screen: set a daily budget that you are willing to spend on the campaign and the Cost Per Click (CPC), which is what you are willing to spend, at most, for a click: typically the click will cost less. the total amount of your expenditures will never exceed the value set daily multiplied by the number of days of the month. Example: 10 dollars per day for a month of thirty days = 300 dollars (maximum) cost. The cost might be lower, never higher.

The Google AdWords system is based on a model in which advertisers compete with each other (bid) in order to show their ads on a website: Make sure you set a competitive bid.

We are also able to provide direct advertising to anyone, even with non-standard formats on one or more sites of the circuit INDETTAGLIO.IT.

On demand we provide expertise for the optimum setting of your advertising campaigns on sites not necessarily belonging to the circuit INDETTAGLIO.IT.

For information or requests for custom quotes please e-mail or send a fax to ++39 0923-038230 or phone to ++39 0923-547983 / ++39 0923-548695.

In order to offer to our customers the quality, continuity and security that are essential in conducting business online, all the technical aspects of service delivery are handled internally by Reti e Sistemi Srl. Remains excluded from the direct management of Reti e Sistemi Srl the only connectivity to the network, managed by a primary access provider.