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Tourism in Montopoli in Val d`Arno

The Medieval village of Montopoli in Valdarno

Inside the village of Montopoli in Valdarno it is possible to admire numerous typically Medieval buildings, like the remains of the ancient castle and of the towers built by the Florentines, the Giulia Tower and the Saint Mattew Tower.

Interesting to visit are also some religious buildings like the Saint Stephen Church and the Saint Marta's Conservatory Church.

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This latter, built during the XVI-th century, saves fine paintings among them a "Lazzaro's Resurrection", painted by Cigoli (1559- 1613), and an "Our Lady with Souls of the Purgatory" by Antonio Franchi.

Even the Saint Stephen Church saves numerous interesting art works like a fourteenth-century Crucifix and a dossal made by the Master of the Paesaggi Kress (XVI-th century) and numerous paintings, among them that one painted by Francesco Curradi (1570-1661) portraying an "Our Lady of the Rosary with Saints", a "Resurrection" by Orazio Fidani (XVII-th century) and "Progenitors after the original sin" by Jacopo Vignali (1592-1664).