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Castagneto Carducci

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Castagneto Carducci (ZIP code 57022) is 77 kilometers far from Livorno, that is the Chief Town of the homonymous province to whom the municipality belongs.

Castagneto Carducci has a population of 8.204 inhabitants (Castagnetani) and a surface of 142,68 square kilometers thus showing a population density of 57,50 inhabitants per square kilometer. It rises 194 metres above the sea level.

The City Hall is located in Via Carducci 1, phone ++39 0565 - 778111, fax ++39 0565 - 763845: the E-Mail address is

Population: The municipality of Castagneto Carducci had a popolation of 8.256 inhabitants accordingly to the results of the national census made in 1991. After the national census made in 2001 the population was 8.204 inhabitants, thus showing during the years 1991 - 2001 a percentual variation of -0,63% inhabitants.

The inhabitants are distributed in 3.439 families with an average of 2,39 people per family.

The place: The territory of the municipality lies between 167 and 585 metres above sea level.

The altimetric spawn is thus of 418 metres.

Work and workers:There are 199 industrial firms employing 700 people that are the 21,03% of the total of the workers. There are 242 service firms employing 471 people that are the 14,15% of the total of the workers. There are also 271 firms employing 1.384 people that are the 41,57% of the total of the workers. There are also 51 administrative offices emplying 774 workers that are the 23,25% of the total of the workers.

There is a total of 3.329 workers, that are the 40,58% of the inhabitants of the municipality.

Castagneto Carducci rises along a hilly area placed along the western coast of Tuscany. municipality.

The economy of the town is mainly based on tourism also thanks to the characteristic beauty of its scenery and its urban structure that saves the characteristic Medieval features and its numerous and well equipped accommodation facilities distributed in the whole territory.

The place name comes from the Latin word "castanea" that literally means "chestnut-tree", whose first was added the denomination Marittimo referring to the Maremma and then in 1907 the poet Carducci’s name who spent there his youth.

The first settlements in the area of Castagneto Carducci go back to the Etruscan Age and then to the Roman Age, even if the place name appeared for the first time in an official donation act in 754 A. C..

The town developed around a castle built around 1000, today called Castello della Gherardesca (Castle of Gherardesca), that was quarreled for long between the inhabitants and the Gherardesca's Counts.

In 1778 an official order assigned that castle to the Counts of Gherardesca whereas its civic tenancy was assigned to the population.

In 1788 the castle and the surrounding territory became a population’s property.

At the beginning of XIX-th century Castagneto Carducci was under the Dukes of Lorena’s domination. They had to allow the property of some plots of land to population in order to avoid hostility and rebellions.

During the Lorena’s domination, that lasted up to the end of XIX-th century, the town expanded its territory towards the close areas.

In 1861 Castagneto Carducci was added to the Reign of Italy by the King Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoia.

Among the most important monuments to see in Castagneto Carducci we point out here the Chiesa di San Lorenzo (Saint Lorenz Church), the Oratorio del Santissimo Crocifisso (Holiest Crucifix Oratory), the Castello della Gherardesca (Gherardesca’s Castle), the Palazzo Tringali (Tringali Palace) and the Museo Archivio Giosuè Carducci (Giosuè Carducci Museum Archives).