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  • Publisher: Touring Club Italiano

  • Date: 2005

  • Topic: Guide

La Toscana delle pievi Edited by A. Naldi, "La Toscana delle pievi"

Size: cm 30x24, 196 pages, 229 photos and colour tables
ISBN: 88-86975-29-5
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Editori dell'Acero

In this volume we have gathered the most beautiful and significant examples among the hundreds of "pievi" (parishes) that existed in the region since the first centuries of Christianity.

It is a fascinating trip in search of buildings and places often far from the noise and haste of everyday life; places which induces to contemplation and meditation.

This book is also intended as an invitation to go along the same itineraries of the photographers who caught the light on ancient wall hangings, facades, apses, stone pillars or columns in the interiors, paying the right tribute to so many humble and unknown builders.

This is a book which has to be read open-heartedly in order of not to miss the thrills and beauty it intends to offer you.