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Ponsacco (ZIP code 56038) is 26,9 kilometers far from Pisa, that is the Chief Town of the homonymous province to whom the municipality belongs.

Ponsacco has a population of 12.580 inhabitants (Ponsacchini) and a surface of 19,9 square kilometers thus showing a population density of 632,16 inhabitants per square kilometer. It rises 24 metres above the sea level.

The City Hall is located in Piazza R. Valli 8, phone ++39 0587 - 738111, fax ++39 0587 - 733871: the E-Mail address is

Population: The municipality of Ponsacco had a popolation of 12.131 inhabitants accordingly to the results of the national census made in 1991. After the national census made in 2001 the population was 12.580 inhabitants, thus showing during the years 1991 - 2001 a percentual variation of 3,70% inhabitants.

The inhabitants are distributed in 4.684 families with an average of 2,69 people per family.

The place: The territory of the municipality lies between 14 and 79 metres above sea level. Photo Wikipedia
Villa Medicea di Camugliano

The altimetric spawn is thus of 65 metres.

Work and workers:There are 431 industrial firms employing 1.538 people that are the 39,77% of the total of the workers. There are 428 service firms employing 957 people that are the 24,75% of the total of the workers. There are also 358 firms employing 1.074 people that are the 27,77% of the total of the workers. There are also 61 administrative offices emplying 298 workers that are the 7,71% of the total of the workers.

There is a total of 3.867 workers, that are the 30,74% of the inhabitants of the municipality.

Ponsacco rises nearby the confluence of the Cascina and the Era rivers.

The local economy is mainly based on the production of furniture. There are also several food and dockyard industries.

The place name comes from the compound name of "Ponte" (bridge) and "Sacco", being this latter a term of German origin.

The locality was quoted for the first time in an official document dating back to 1197 and in another one dating back to 1366, testifying the presence of a castle in the territory of Ponsacco.

In the XV-th century the Dux of Pisa chose the Castle of Ponsacco as his residence, taking in account the strategic position of the castle placed on the boundary between the two cities of Siena and Florence and also along the road joining the cities of Lucca and Volterra.

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San Giovanni Evangelista

At that time the community of Ponsacco became a Common, after the destruction of the two important castles of Camugliano and Appiano.

In 1365 the Florentines besieged the Castle of Ponsacco and devastated the territory and also the close castles. Under the Pisan jurisdiction the village of Ponsacco was both circled by a ring of walls and fortified by buinding some bastions.

At the end of the XV-th century the conflicts between the two Republics of Pisa and Florence flared up again. They struggled many times on the territory of Ponsacco. Both in 1389 and in 1404 the village of Ponsacco was burnt by the Florentines, who, in 1406, conquered the town.

In 1415 Ponsacco was a Florentine Podestà's seat but in 1494 Pisa got to conquer again the town.

In next years Ponsacco was quarrelled by the two cities of Pisa and Florence up to 1509, when Florence finally conquered the town. Ponsacco was then under the Medici's domination for a long.

In 1637 Ponsacco became a Feudal Commissioner's office under the jurisdiction of the Marquis Filippo Niccolini, who was appointed by Ferdinando II of Medici.

The Marquisate of the Niccolini family lasted until 1791 but even later the Niccolini family continued to exercise its influence on the whole territory.

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In 1807 Ponsacco was invaded by the Frenchs leaded by Napoleone Bonaparte who occupied the territory up to 1814, when, owing to the Treaty of Vienna, Ponsacco entered the Tuscan Grand Dukedom.

In 1861 Ponsacco was annexed to the Reign of Italy by the King Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoia.

Among the most interesting monuments to see in Ponsacco we point out here the Oratorio della Madonna della Tosse (Our Lady of the Cough Oratory), the Parrocchiale di San Giovanni Evangelista (Saint John Evangelist Parish) and the Villa di Camugliano (Villa of Camugliano).

Among the numerous celebrations periodically taking place in Ponsacco we remind here the "Trade Fair of Furniture" held yearly on October and November. A permanent show of local manufacturing furniture is part of the fair.