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San Giuliano Terme

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San Giuliano Terme (ZIP code 56017) is 6,9 kilometers far from Pisa, that is the Chief Town of the homonymous province to whom the municipality belongs.

San Giuliano Terme has a population of 30.330 inhabitants (Sangiulianesi) and a surface of 91,71 square kilometers thus showing a population density of 330,72 inhabitants per square kilometer. It rises 6 metres above the sea level.

The City Hall is located in Via Niccolini 25, phone ++39 050 - 819111, fax ++39 050 - 819220: the E-Mail address is

Population: The municipality of San Giuliano Terme had a popolation of 28.188 inhabitants accordingly to the results of the national census made in 1991. After the national census made in 2001 the population was 30.330 inhabitants, thus showing during the years 1991 - 2001 a percentual variation of 7,60% inhabitants.

The inhabitants are distributed in 11.179 families with an average of 2,71 people per family.

The place: The territory of the municipality lies between 1 and 831 metres above sea level.

The altimetric spawn is thus of 830 metres.

Work and workers:There are 432 industrial firms employing 1.509 people that are the 24,95% of the total of the workers. There are 530 service firms employing 1.635 people that are the 27,03% of the total of the workers. There are also 577 firms employing 2.011 people that are the 33,25% of the total of the workers. There are also 113 administrative offices emplying 894 workers that are the 14,78% of the total of the workers.

There is a total of 6.049 workers, that are the 19,94% of the inhabitants of the municipality.

San Giuliano Terme rises along the north-western slopes of the Pisano mount.

The local esconomy is based on the agrucultural activities and mainly on the production of a very valuable oil. Remarkable is also tourism, promoted by the beauties of its landscapes and the bathing activity and also by the presence of fine hotels and farm resorts.

The place name comes from a compound name of "San Giuliano" and the specification "Terme" (thermal baths), that was added to the name in 1935 with reference to the thermal baths in the area.

Some finds in the territory of San Giuliano Terme testify that the town was populated since the Stone Age.

At the Etruscan Age the marble extraction was already active and also the thermal activity was attended. Both the two activities were continued during the Roman Age.

During the first decade of the XII-th century the baths were restored for the will of the Countess Matilde of Canossa.

In 1300 San Giuliano Terme were fortified and in 1329 the commander Castruccio Castracani made a tower erect.

During the XIV-th century San Giuliano Terme subdued the consequences of the conflicts between the city of Lucca, belonging to the faction of the Guelphs (Papacy's supporters), and the Florentine Republic, belonging to the Ghibellines one (Empire's supporters). In 1397 the tower of San Giuliano Terme was destroyed during a siege by the Lucca's army.

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In 1406 due to the definitive defeat of the Pisan Republic caused by the Florentine Republic started a long period of decline for San Giuliano Terme, also due to the spreading of the marshy phenomenon.

In the middle of the XV-th century the territory of San Giuliano Terme was destroyed and fully surrounded by marshes. In the next century, under the Grand Dukedom of Cosimo I of Medici, started the first works for the reclamation of the territory but those works did not continue under his successors.

Only by coming the Lorena's Dukes to the power rose the economic sorts of San Giuliano Terme. The Dukes started a great work in order to restore the territory, that thus promoted the agricultural development, and numerous building works that leaded to build some thermal baths.

At the same time San Giuliano Terme was elevated to the rank of Common.

In 1861 San Giuliano Terme was annexed to the Reign of Italy by the King Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoia.

Among the most interesting monuments to see in San Giuliano Terme we point out here the Church entitled to the Saints Ranieri and Luigi, the Palazzo delle Terme (Palace of the Thermal Baths), the Villa Roncioni (Roncioni Villa) and the Terme (Thermal Baths).

Among the several celebrations periodically taking place in San Giuliano Terme we remind here the traditional "Agrifiera" (Show of agricultural products) held yearly on August 24th and on April 28th. During the celebration it is possible both to taste and buy the local typical products.