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Lamporecchio dalle origini all'età comunale

  • Author: Coturri Enrico

  • Publisher: Società Storia Patria Pistoia

  • Date: Not available

  • Topic: History

Abbazie, Monasteri ed Eremi nel paesaggio della Toscana Edited by A. Favini, "Abbazie, Monasteri ed Eremi nel paesaggio della Toscana"

Size: cm 33,5x25, 240 pages, 154 photos and colour tables
ISBN: 88-88718-18-4
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Editori dell'Acero

This book aims to provide an intriguing journey through the most important monastic sites in Tuscany, looking beyond their immediate beauty.

The basis of the work comprises high quality photographs and a text whose purpose is to provide a brief summary of the history, geografy and spirituality of the phenomenon of monasticism.

The book's main purpose is to offer the reader a tool so that he can gradually grasp the dimension of silence, harmony and balance in the monasteries and hermitages together with their position in the landscape. In addition, we want to make the vibrations given off by the walls, sculptures and decorations come alive, even when they have become part of ruins or buildings in disrepair.