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The monument of Four Moors in Livorno

The monument of Four Moors, placed at the gate to the city, is one of the most famous in Livorno.

For long time it was the symbol of the city in people imagination.

The monument is made up of a marble statue, portraying the Gran Duke Ferdinando I de' Medici, surrounded by four bronzy Moors.

The marble-made statue was made between 1595 and 1599 in Carrara by order of Gran Duke Ferdinando I and it arrived to Livorno by sea in 1601.

The first two statues of the Moors arrived to Livorno in 1623 from Florence where they were melted. The other two statues were added to the first ones on June 1626.

The marble-made statue portraying the Grand duke, placed in the middle of the monument among the four Moors, was made by Giovanni Bandini (1540-1599). The Moors are a work of Pietro Tacca (1577-1640).

Ferdinando I is portrayed with the uniform by Grand Master of Saint Stefano's Knighthoods. On his feet it is possible to admire the four bronze statues portraying four chained prisoners looking agonized in opposition with gran duke's distant attitude.

The Moors are characterized by the realistic naturalness of their manners: the plasticity and the anatomic perfection render them very suggestive.

The monument is commemorative of the Order of Saint Stefano's Knighthoods founded in 1561 by Cosimo I de' Medici who engaged in a fast struggle against Turkish pirates who acted cruelly in the whole Mediterranean Sea.